What is Chiropractic?

Become Well Adjusted.

Chiropractic is a primary health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and the effects of these disorders on the function of the nervous system and general health.

Over time, accidents, falls, poor daytime posture, unnatural sleep conditions, stress, lack of exercise and a host of other life events can cause spinal decay and damage.

This damage leads to pressure on the spinal cord, which in turn affects the health of your central nervous system and your overall health.

Our chiropractors use their hands to treat disorders of the nerves, bones, muscles and joints caused by this damage. Your chiropractor will use a range of techniques, with an emphasis on adjusting the spine. They will also offer advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle, and rehabilitation programmes that involve exercises to do in your own time.



For your initial consultation and examination you need to allow approximately 45 minutes. This allows time to fill out any necessary paperwork, and also gives our chiropractors adequate time to perform your examination, and answer any questions you may have.

Our Chiropractors use a range of techniques suited to your body and symptoms to help make your adjustment more comfortable.
Chiropractors are primary health care practitioners, this means you can make an appointment without requiring a referral from your GP.
Yes! We are a family-focused practice which means at least 40% of our patients are kids. We have plenty of toys, books and colouring pages to keep the kids occupied whilst in the clinic to attend appointments.
Children can be checked right from birth. This is particularly important if forceps or ventouse have been used during delivery, or a caesarian has been performed.
Yes, all of our Chiropractors are ACC registered. We can provide you with the paperwork to complete if needed when you come in for your appointment.

After your examination, your Chiropractor will advise you if x-rays are considered necessary. This recommendation will be based off of your examination findings. We have a state of the art digital x-ray machine located on site for your convenience.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is important as it helps to prepare the body for a good pregnancy and birth. There are a range of techniques and positions that we can adjust you with to make it as comfortable as possible for you. X-Rays will not be performed if you are pregnant.

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